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S.A. Cameron is the pen name for an American author. Born in the southwestern United States, S.A. has lived in several different states, though he has always called the southwest region home. He continues to reside and raise his family there.

Though he graduated from college over a decade ago, S.A. chose a more practical field than writing. In fact, writing was the furthest from his mind as he graduated with a major in Business Management. But, in the years since, S.A.'s growing passion for literature, led him down a road that eventually led to writing. S.A. is an avid reader, and the more he read the more it fuelled an imagination that was finding all kinds of wide-ranging ideas he himself wanted to explore.

As S.A. has now been writing for years, he realized that the variety of genres he explores would best be divided to better represent different readerships.
31 Days to Life is the first published work under this pen name.